Prep Your Fireplace with Help from Arizona Fireplaces

The Summer months are officially behind us, which means the weather is cooling and jack-o’-lanterns are now showing up at retail outlets everywhere. As we begin to prepare for Holiday celebrations and gatherings outdoors in cooler weather, homeowners should begin to prep their fireplace and firepit to get ready for a safe and cozy winter.

Roaring Fireplace

If you use a wood-burning fireplace, hire a professional chimney sweep, as it is a necessity when it comes to removing soot and debris.  It’s also a good time to address any issues you may have noticed such as odor, a cool draft or any noise that may be coming from the chimney or the flue. Make sure the flue (or damper) is open when you’re ready to start the fire.  Do you have a cap or screen over the top of the chimney?  You should!  This is a great way to keep the critters out.  Plus, a chimney cap prevents moisture from entering the chimney.

With a gas fireplace, the first thing you should do to prep for winter is start it up. Switch on the pilot light to ensure it is working properly and there aren’t any issues. If you have a remote, replace the batteries.

For those who own electric fireplaces, remember to replace it’s batteries prior to the season.  Batteries can be found in any remote transmitters and receivers, if applicable. (Don’t forget your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. This is a good time to replace those batteries, as well.)

My best advice? Hire a professional technician to come over, inspect it from top to bottom, and review the best practices for owning and enjoying a fireplace. My friends at Arizona Fireplaces are available to help you with all your needs.

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